The Climate and Weather of Hawke’s Bay

7:30pm, Tuesday 6th May, National Aquarium of NZ, Marine Parade, NAPIER

NIWA-BlueBookThe “Blue Books” have been updated. The first one covers Hawke’s Bay.

In the 1980s, the Meteorological Service produced a series of popular books that described and detailed the climates of each region throughout New Zealand. The books can still be found, well-thumbed, in libraries, offices and council premises up and down the country. These popular reference books were last updated in the 1980’s. For many years they have been the standard guide to patterns of rainfall, temperature, sunshine, etc. for each region in New Zealand, including Chatham Islands.

People use the summaries to learn more about the climate where they live or where they’d like to live. They use them to make judgements about locating commercial operations or farms. Councils use them to inform staff and others about the local climate, and to promote their region.

The summaries give the ‘big picture’ about a region. They help people work out what sort of detailed information they need – which they can then find in NIWA’s vast online database of climate information,” says Dr Andrew Tait.

This presentation was presented by Dr Andrew Tait, principal scientist at NIWA, specialising in climate applications.

Andrew’s current projects include National and Regional Climate Maps, Climate change and urban impacts, Adaptation to climate variability and change, and Assessment of crop and tree species growing potential using climate, soil and topographic information

This presentation was supported by NIWA and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

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