5 December 2013: Alaska and the Joides Resolution

Carol Larson, Exploring on the Joides Resolution. 7:30PM Tuesday 5 December 2013. Holt Planetarium, Chambers St, Napier.

Carol on Joides

From May to July 2013, Carol Larson spent two months in the Gulf of Alaska on board the research vessel “Joides Resolution”. She was one of two New Zealand participants in this international programme, supported by the Australia-New Zealand Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme Consortium (ANZIC).

Carol described the Joides Resolution, the research project, and her experiences on board as Education Officer as a member of Expedition 341-South Alaska Margin. The project involved drilling sediment core samples, seeking to understand the tectonics, climate and sedimentation associated with this active plate margin.  More at www.joidesresolution.org

As Education Officer on the voyage, Carol’s roles included connecting the research with schools and other interested groups around the world. A group of our Branch Council members was able to connect with Carol by Skype video link, and were given a personal guided tour of the ship, meeting and hearing from crew and scientists about their work.This presentation extended that and was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Carol Larson is the Education Team Leader at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier.

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