Lake Tutira: Recorder Of Environmental Change

On behalf of GNS Science, NIWA, Eastern Institute of Technology and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

EIT Lecture Theatre 1, Taradale
Tuesday 8th April, 7pm – doors open from 6.30pm

Alan Orpin (NIWA) and Mike Page (GNS Science) will deliver research based presentations on Tutira.

LAKE TUTIRA: Recorder of Environmental Change

LAKE TUTIRA: Template for Past Erosion

Tutira -HBRC picOver the last 25 years Lake Tutira and its catchment have been the focus of research into various aspects of environmental change. Beginning with Cyclone Bola and concerns about sustainable land use of such erosion-prone hill country, the research expanded to focus on construction of the erosion history of the catchment and the associated sediment record preserved in the lake since it was formed by a giant landslide ~7,000 years ago.

Mike and Alan will outline this research and discuss how the erosion and sediment record has been used to interpret the climatic, tectonic, volcanic and vegetation history, and what this can tell us about how this landscape will respond to future environmental change…

If you have an interest in Tutira, Erosion, Climatology, Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Storms and Sediment – How Lake Tutira Works – you will find the evening very informative.

Admission is free but PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE with HBRC on 8359200.

Directions to the Lecture Theatre will be marked from entrance into EIT

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