Our Moon: a source of wonder and mystery

Gary Sparks, Director, Holt Planetarium

Tuesday 23 June 2015 7:30 PM Holt Planetarium, Chambers St, Napier

A lecture following the Hawke’s Bay Branch Annual General Meeting.

Gary Sparks2Gary Sparks is President of the Hawke’s Bay Astronomical Society and Director of the Holt Planetarium in Napier.

In 2000, A Royal Society Teacher Fellowship enabled Gary to spend a year at the Holt Planetarium developing education programmes and curriculum resources.  In 2002 he was appointed Director of the Holt Planetarium, a role he continues to hold teaching astronomy and space education from pre-school to primary through secondary school.

In this lecture, Gary will discuss the Moon. He says, “The moon is our nearest neighbour in space. It has long been a source of wonder and mystery. This talk will look at the formation of the moon and how its appearance has enchanted people throughout the centuries.”

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