Dancing with Viruses: Unravelling the Mysteries of Persistent Viral Infections and Their Aftermath

Speaker: Dr Richard Meech

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024, 6pm

Venue: Napier Sailing Club, 63 West Quay, Ahuriri, Napier

Admission: Gold coin donation

Join us for an enlightening lecture that explores the ongoing battle against viral infections and their long-lasting effects on human health. In “Dancing with Viruses,” Dr. Richard Meech will discuss the persistent challenges of diseases like long-COVID and HIV/AIDS, their global impact, and how medical science responds to these invisible enemies. This session will offer valuable insights into the mechanisms of viral persistence, the evolution of diseases like influenza, and the advances that have transformed deadly viruses into manageable conditions.

Our speaker, Dr. Richard Meech, is a distinguished figure in the field of infectious diseases with a career spanning several decades. Graduating from Otago University in 1969, he specialized in infectious diseases at St. George’s Hospital in London and later served as a Senior Lecturer in Medicine and a Consultant Physician. Dr. Meech has been a pivotal member of various health advisory committees, contributing significantly to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis research and policy. Awarded the MNZN for his services to Public Health, Dr. Meech’s expertise and experiences provide profound insights into the challenges and successes in combating viral diseases.