Thursday, 7 December: Farming Forward: Innovative Strategies for Weed Management

Speaker: Dan Bloomer

Date: Thursday, 7 December 2023 from 5.45 pm

Venue: Pacific Surf Club (26 Marine Parade, Bluff Hill, Napier)

Please register as space is limited
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Non-members (if space): $15

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An enlightening talk on pioneering the future of farming with sustainable practices by Researcher Dan Bloomer. In this talk, Dan will delve into the world of non-herbicide weed control within AgResearch’s extensive program on herbicide resistance management. Discover the cutting-edge alternatives, including ultra-low energy electric shocks against weed seedlings, and explore the latest in precision weeding technologies. From lasers and precision sprays to robotic cultivators, this presentation will shed light on innovative strategies reshaping our approach to crop production.

Image offered by Dan Bloomer

Leading the charge in sustainable agriculture, Dan Bloomer returns from Callaghan Innovation’s Horticultural Automation Immersion Tour, bringing state-of-the-art insights into farm robotics and precision agriculture. A respected figure in horticulture and soil science, Dan heads Page Bloomer’s agricultural consultancy and LandWISE. His work is currently focused on innovative non-herbicide weed control, regenerative farming methods, and studying the impacts of sediment from Cyclone Gabrielle. Dan’s expertise in sustainable crop production is both extensive and highly relevant in today’s agricultural landscape.